Friday, July 10, 2020

Red Rover Red Rover

The Planet Mars
NASA plans a Perseverence Rover Mission to Mars this July/August (2020), since Mars and Earth will be in good positions to make a long-distance trip between them a bit shorter than it would be otherwise.  The mission will have the rover robot gather up evidence to see if there is or was life on Mars!

So here are a number of fun things to do to learn about Mars:

This links to a wonderful powerpoint presentation all about Mars, a guessing game where you rack up points with your guide Marvin the Martian, called IMAGINE MARS:  An Interactive Journey Through Time.  It gives an overview of Mars from astronomical history to books and movies to  NASA missions.  Very cool.  

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These are some clever STEM crafts to explore:
                                   Make a Cardboard Rover!
                                          Here's mine...but it could definitely use some work!

Make a Paper Mars Helicopter!          (This one is a bit easier).

If you like games,
 here is a whole variety pack of nifty space games:

Free Kid Science Apps!  (Space Science Games)
(sponsored by the Space Science Institute/NSF/NASA)
Rover Coder, Planet Families, Planet Families 2, Matter Sorter, Space Stage, Solar Vision, Star Maze, Rubble!

And a whole page of space games you can play straight through a browser!

A website with all kinds of space info and fun for kids...

Fascinating interactive space website!

Perseverence Rover you can mouse over for info, rotate, look all over virtually!

And some neat information about the Mission:
Perseverance Rover Illustration
Perseverance Rover Illustration
         Don't just stand around, go have a great time with Mars!

Bixby & Walston
Bill Bixby and Ray Walston from "My Favorite Martian"

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