Friday, June 19, 2020

Returning Checkouts

Bob & Howard (ducks) on big fan
 "Hey Bob," waved Howard.

"Howdy Howard," Bob returned.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Howard asked.

"I've decided I'm a BIG FAN of people who return their items in a timely fashion," Bob smiled.

"I kinda get that," Howard agreed, looking at the fan.  "But why seem so concerned?"

"I feel for the people...I don't want them to rack up fines and have troubles," pouted Bob.

"Why would they do that?" Howard seemed mystified.

"Well, there were about a thousand things out in March, but there was no way to return stuff then, so all the due dates were just extended.  Now the return box has been open for 2 weeks and normal actions like fines will restart on July 1.  Only about a tenth of the checkouts have come back," worried Bob.

"Can't they just renew things?" wondered Howard.

"Nope, they can't renew any more for what was already out.  And because of the one week quarantine, there's hardly any more time to return stuff without starting to get fines!" Bob squawked.

"How's that?" Howard was curious.

"Today, for example, is the 19th, so if you turned in your book or movie today by 5PM, say, add 7 days before it is handled again to be checked in," posited Bob.

Howard looked into the air.  "Uh...19 plus 7, carry the one, er, 26!"

"Yup," Bob acknowledged, "your items would be checked in on the 26th.  You'd be ok."

"But if I brought them back on the 25th?" Howard continued.  

"That would be 25 plus 7 so then they'd be checked in on the 2nd of July and you'd have an overdue fine." Bob stared down dejectedly.

"I thought there was a grace period?" added Howard.

"That is the quarantine period," Bob declared.

"Oh boy, I'd better see if I have anything to turn in, then!" flustered Howard fluttered off.

Bob and Howard (ducks) on bookdrop

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