Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Understanding Curbside

"Why so glum, Howard?"
 Howard facing Bob (rubber ducks)
"I want to read an actual book, Bob!"
                  "So read a book, Howard."

Bob facing Howard (rubber ducks)

"The library's closed so I can't check one out, Bob!"

"No, remember, I told you the library is open for curbside service," Bob stated patiently.    

"I forgot," blinked Howard. 
"Uh, what does that mean?" Howard looked at Bob a little sheepishly.

Bob & Howard

"It means you can check out books and stuff, but you have to do it
a different way than by just going into the library," Bob announced.

"How do you mean, Bob?" Howard inquired. 

Bob & Howard by phone

"You can call the library at 210-684-0720 and talk to the staff--
just ask for the item you want!  

Or you can go online to the Leon Valley Public Library's catalog at  https://leonvalley.biblionix.com/catalog/ and reserve something--it's called 'putting on hold,'" Bob informed Howard.

"How do I know they have what I want, or even how I know what I want?" puzzled Howard.

"Just browse through the catalog, or talk to a staff member," Bob answered.

Bob looking left

"Oh, ok.  So how do I order a book or movie from the catalog?" Howard wanted to know.

"Simply go to the catalog page and log in to your account.  There's a box in the upper right corner that says Log in to your account.  You type your card number in the top line--you don't need the zeroes in front of the number--and your phone number--you don't need the area code if it is 210--or password--if you made your own--in the lower box line." Bob said matter-of-factly.

Log in catalog

"What if I have trouble?" worried Howard. "Like if I can't remember my card number, or I changed my phone number recently or something?"

"Call the library and talk to a live person, or send an email to ask what to do through the Contact Us link at the lower left corner of the catalog.  A box also drops down from the log in boxes if you don't fill 'em in, asking if you need help," assured Bob.

Howard looking right

"That's handy!  Alrighty.  So if I log in without problems, then what do I do?" Howard continued.


"You find what you want in the catalog...when you click on the item you are interested in, there is a Reserve this item button to select what you want.  Click on that and you'll put that book or movie or audiobook on hold," Bob replied.

Reserve in catalog

Howard considered that a moment.  "Ah.  Then what?"

Bob took a breath.  "Then you wait to be contacted by library staff--they have to see if the item you asked for is available, after all--and you schedule an appointment to pick up your request."

"I need to make an appointment?  Just for me?" Howard seemed surprised.

Howard in the crepe myrtle

"Yup.  The staff will leave your request out on a porch table for you to drop by and pick up at your scheduled time, so there is a minimum of contact to keep the bad virus at bay," Bob nodded wisely.

"Oh, I see.  I guess I can do that," Howard agreed thoughtfully.

"Go get a book!" Bob encouraged.

Bob in the crepe myrtle

"Definitely!" Howard quacked excitedly.

"Just one thing, Bob," Howard paused.

"What?" Bob chirped.

Bob & Howard on the curb

"Why is it called 'curb' service?  You didn't mention a curb at all," Howard pondered.


"It means you drive up to the curb to get your books rather than come into the library," Bob extolled.  "And it curbs your hunger for books, quackquack!"

"Ha ha!" giggled Howard.  "I see."  And he waddled off to find the library catalog.   

Howard with books


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