Monday, March 30, 2020

Mug Cake!

So you're being a good citizen and staying at home, but you suddenly NEED a treat.  Yeah, a slice of cake would be nice about now.  But you don't want to go shopping just to get a CAKE, and you don't want to order a whole cake when you'd merely like a bite of something sweet.  The kids are milling around and you don't want to bake (or can't), or you are on a diet or special food regimen anyway, so whatchagonnado?

Sherry's Really Laid-Back Mug Cake!
A simple little cake you can make in a few minutes, any way you want.  You can even teach the kids how to do it, or keep it as your secret reward weapon...
You can Google mug cake recipes and there are hundreds.
You can make a regular type cake, a lava-style cake, a gluten-free cake, a low-carb keto cake, any flavor you want, eat it straight out of the cup or doll it up with ice cream, whipped cream,
frosting or ganache...

But basically, it is this--
Find a clean, microwavable mug/coffee cup/small dish.
Put into it
2-3 T of flour
1 T of flavor stuff
1 T of fat
1 T of sweet stuff
1 egg

Mix it all up and microwave it for 1-2 minutes.  1 minute usually gives you the lava-cake consistency,
cakey around a molten center.  1.5 mins. usually gives you a perfect little cake.  2 mins. might be needed if your microwave is a little slow or you have more liquidy ingredients.

Here's one I just made:

mug & almond flour, cocoa
I try to be gluten-free and lean toward keto/low carb eating, so I'm using almond flour.  Also tossed in a little coconut flour.

I'm going to make chocolate so I'm putting in
a fat tablespoon of cocoa powder.

mug & peppermint oil

Figured I'd be fancy and make it chocolate
mint (after seeing the flavoring in the pantry) 
so I added a couple drops of that.  And a T of coconut oil (the solid white stuff in the whipped cream container, lol).   If I didn't have that to use up I'd probably put in a dollop of butter.  Or cream cheese.

If you wanted to skip the fat you could probably substitute applesauce or pumpkin puree or even avocado or bananas.  Or you could try peanut (or other nut) butter!  Feel free to try all kinds of things, it's just a cup and a few minutes!

You'll need an egg to get it to stick together
and rise a bit.
mug & egg, chocolate chips

Some recipes add baking powder but I think it works fine just with the egg.  If you can't have eggs, maybe something else would work like buttermilk.  Experiment!

If you're doing chocolate and not too strict about things, might as well toss in some chocolate chips, right?  You could also try nuts or fruits or jams/jellies...
mug with molasses; ingredients in mug
Oh yeah, you might want some sweetness.  Actually the chocolate chips are pretty good for me, but I'll toss in a dab of molasses.  You can use sugar or sugar-free sweeteners or just fruit.  Sometimes I use Torani (coffee syrup flavorings) or honey.  Use whatever works for you.
mug with ingredients thoroughly stirred up

Mix it up all really well.  If it's a bit dry, add a touch of           liquid.  I added a few dribs of coffee.   I'm using a really big   (and messing room).  So it might not be as pretty but it'll taste the same.  (I could have doubled it all and made twice as much, but I didn't need more, lol)
mug here, so I have a lot of mixing room.
Stick it in the microwave and nuke it.  I did mine for one and a half minutes.
mug in microwave
mug cake
                                       Then you get cake!
mug with whipping cream
                                                     Dress it up with a little something...

spoon in mug cake with whipped cream

Sherry showing spoonful of mug cake, behind mug

                                     And it's nummy time, quick and easy!!

And here's some additional info that looks tasty, from Country Living Magazine: