Saturday, December 19, 2020



And the little envelope, useful for small gifts, splashes of color in decor, table places, parties...this one is nice because it doesn't require glue to keep it shut, can be used for keeping many a small thingie in line, and is easy once you make a couple.  It opens like a flower (or cardboard box, depending on how you like to view things) and is kinda impressive in its own way.

So here are my written instructions (good luck):

And now if you prefer, you can watch me muddle through making one of these small wrappers.

Lovely little letter luggage.

Useful Origami: FUN BOAT


One of my favorite things to fold up is very easy but has a trick ending, so to speak.  Still, it comes in quite handy.  I like to return change, keep pens or glasses in such boats.  And they do float.  Well, maybe not if you make it out of mesh or absorbent towels, but for the most part...

Here's a video on folding a utilitarian paper boat:

And included for the price, the written instructions:
Sail Away!!


Useful Origami: HANDY CUP

Now a VERY simple trick...a cup!  How often have you needed a small cup for a quick sip or to pop something into and the best you could come up with was your hands (for the sip) or a crumpled napkin (for a small container)?  A couple of brown paper towels in a pinch, or a page of notebook paper (which actually works pretty well, since it has a thin clay coating that keeps the water in for a while) will do nicely when you're out and about.  Or perhaps, a bit of pretty wrapping or construction paper would make some bright party favors, etc.
                             Here's how:

And again, for those who prefer the video form of learning, here's the 3D version of the instructions:


The Cup.

Useful Origami: EASY BOX


I thought I'd share a few easy bits of origami that can actually come in handy, especially around holidays but also for all kinds of daily occurrences.  The first I'll tell you about is the box.  I think it was one of the first items I learned to make, as a preschooler.  The box can be used for quickie stashes of stuff, or made in a very beautiful way for presents and decorations, or created with thin cardboard for use in organizing.

Different types of paper and different sizes will result in all manner of boxes.  But here's the gist of it:

With any luck, you can make this out (or enlarge or print it out).  Here's a slightly different version (made another time):

In short, you fold a grid, cut the side slits open, fold up the sides and fold over the middles and there you have a neat little box.  

In the meantime, here's a short video of how to fold one, if 2D instructions aren't your style.

And, tada, BOX!