Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Return of the Construction Duckies

A few of you may remember the Construction Duckies, Bob and Howard, who narrated the construction of the LVPL Children's Wing and helped explain things during difficult moments and our last little closing.  Occasionally they pop up to tell silly jokes or make little points.  Just happened to overhear them recently:

2 duckies in crepe myrtle

"Hey Howard!" yelled Bob.
"Hi Bob!" responded Howard.
"Long time no see!" Bob chortled.
"Yeah.  Don't want to get that bird flu," Howard confessed.
"Uh, I think it's COVID-19," Bob corrected.
"Whatever vid-e-o, don't like being sick," asserted Howard.
"Well no.  Hey, have you heard about all the stuff going on at the library?" questioned Bob.

2 duckies on LVPL sign
"This library?" Howard looked around.
"Of course this library!"  Bob uttered in disbelief.
"I thought it was closed.  Enlighten me then!" replied Howard.

2 duckies on NEW sign letters in library

"It's gonna be open, but in a different way for a while," informed Bob patiently.
"Open but not open.  I'm confused," Howard frowned.
"I know.  Everything's new,"  Bob stated.
"I kinda sensed that," Howard agreed.

2 duckies on book dropbox"First, you can return anything you had checked out before," Bob started.
"Before what?" Howard wondered.
"Before the library closed," Bob sighed.
"I thought you said it was open?" Howard pointed out obstinately.
"It's opening in baby steps.  The dropbox is now open for returns," explained Bob.
"Dropbox is the book return, ahhh...I guess that's good.  Why can't I just wait until the building is open?" Howard asked reasonably.
"That might be some time from now, and the books and stuff need to come back NOW so they can go through a 7-day quarantine and be safe to return to the shelves so other folks can check them out.  And it's ok to put in the DVDs and things not usually recommended for the dropbox right now, since the staff will empty it often and patrons can't enter the building," Bob justified.
"Naturally.  So when are my books due?" Howard inquired.
"Everything is due around June 24, but there's about a week grace period, so call it July," Bob elucidated.
"July."  Howard tittered as Bob rolled his eyes.

2 duckies on Summer Reading poster--Imagine your story

"Second...the Summer Reading Program is kicking off on June 16!" squealed Bob.
"That's a....Tuesday, right?" pondered Howard.
"Right you are, Howard," Bob affirmed.
"So how does that work?" Howard wanted to know.
"There will be a "drive through" Summer Reading Party!  People who want to participate can drive up to the library between 10:30AM and know, on the front porch side of the library where the parking lot and car things are...and the staff will hand out reading logs and fun packets to those interested, nice and safe-like," educated Bob.
2 duckies on craft baggies

"You don't say!" Howard quacked excitedly.  "But what if I can't make it?  Or drive?" Howard looked down at his stubby wings.
"The reading logs will also be posted online, so you can still participate," Bob guaranteed.

"Is that all?" Howard pouted slightly.
"Oh no," Bob squawked.  "The fun part is the LVPL Summer Reading group on Facebook!"
"The whatsit where?" Howard expressed bewilderedly and knit his feathered brows together.
"If you go to the Leon Valley Public Library Facebook page ,
or just search for the LVPL Summer Reading group ,
you can join!" related Bob.
"And why should I do that?" puzzled Howard.
"If you are part of that group, you get to know about all kinds of virtual activities, secret passwords to programs, and, like, cool stuff!" Bob giggled and wriggled with pleasure.
"Ah, you mean it's like being in a secret club house?" Howard cheeped.

2 duckies with paper craft crown
"Exactly!  And there will be prizes for reading and other nifty things going on," Bob went on further.

"Well, we'd better join then!" Howard waddled off in glee.

2 duckies on curb in front of LVPL sign

"What else is going on at the library?" Howard called back.

"Beginning on the 23rd--also a Tuesday--the library will offer curb service," Bob declared.

"A WHAT kind of service?" 
Howard seemed a bit baffled.
another photo of 2 duckies on curb in front of LVPL sign

"CURB service.  That's when people can call or go online to the library's catalog to reserve items to check out.  When the staff finds the things they want to check out, they will arrange a pick up time with the people and then the patrons can come and safely retrieve their requested items," Bob attempted to educate the perpetually perplexed Howard.

2 duckies on a curb

"So I can check out books?" hoped Howard.

"Yes, of course!" nodded Bob.

"And movies, or other things?" Howard garnered with growing elation.

2 duckies by the phone
"Call them up at 210-684-0720 and ask,
if you have any doubts," Bob comforted.
"But what if I don't know what I want?" supposed Howard.
"That's what the catalog is for, just browse around in there...but for kids there are some new Book Bundles," Bob told Harold

2 duckies with book bundles--dinosaurs

"Book, a bunch of books?" Harold supposed.
"That's it, kits made up of three to six books arranged by topic, for a quick reading selection.  They have kid kits about Stars, Bedtime, Food, Spring, Color, Night, Having Fun, Fish, Dinosaurs, Pirates, and even a Variety Pack," Bob announced.

2 duckies by book bundles cart

"How on earth do you know all
these things, Bob?" Howard brooded.

"Oh, I pay attention...and get around," Bob teased.


2 duckies by Libraries: Where Imagination Goes Boldly Forth galaxy sign display

"Wow, you Really do get around," Howard reflected as he noted the galaxy behind him.
"All you have to do is use your imagination, Howard," Bob suggested wisely.
"Now, let's sign up for that summer reading group, quack!" Howard tottered off enthusiastically.
"You mean 'quick,' right?" Bob corrected.
"That's what I said!  Come on!" Howard shuffled off happily.

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